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When you join our service, you will be exposed to our professional traders which use our cutting edge algorithms to tell you exactly which coins to invest in and at what price points!

Recent Successful Signals
Coin             Bought Below Sold Above Gain% Signal
SUB ฿0.0000222 ฿0.0000229 3.02% 08-02-2018 08-07-2018
GTO ฿0.0000172 ฿0.0000177 3.03% 08-01-2018 08-01-2018
GTO ฿0.0000172 ฿0.0000177 2.97% 08-01-2018 08-01-2018
NANO ฿0.0002241 ฿0.0002308 2.99% 08-01-2018 08-01-2018
SUB ฿0.0000224 ฿0.0000231 3.13% 08-01-2018 08-07-2018

Past Performance

Historical trades resulting in an average of 150% returns monthly!

August 2018 July 2018 June 2018 May 2018 March 2018 February 2018 January 2018 December 2017 November 2017 October 2017 September 2017
# of Trades 6 135 79 43 1 14 29 83 3 14 1
Total Monthly Gain 18.13% 126.10% 131.99% 48.97% 11.95% 52.89% 259.21% 861.72% 12.24% 107.41% 7.32%
Average Trade Return 3.02% 0.93% 1.67% 1.14% 11.95% 3.78% 8.94% 10.38% 4.08% 7.67% 7.32%

Past performance should not be any indicator of future performance. CoinSignalMaster does not make any guarantee or other promise as to any results that may be obtained from using our content. To the maximum extent permitted by law, CoinSignalMaster, its officers, directors, contractors, investors, and members, disclaim any and all liability in the event that any information is inaccurate or results in any investment or other losses.

How it Works?

93% Accuracy Signals!

We send out between 5-10 buy signals weekly based on the market conditions. Before a signal is sent out, our professional traders perform technical analysis to increase chances of success. Signals are only sent when we are confident of the risk/reward ratio. Sometimes if the entire market is in a downtrend, we avoid sending out a signal.

We Work For You

Stop trying to figure out which coin to buy and at what price! Get notified, before you should buy or sell a cryptocurrency coin. No more doing your own technical analysis and research! Just sit back and wait for the signal!

Signal Notifications

When you subscribe, you will be given access to our signals dashboard. Once we send out a buy signal, you will receive an immediate email notification. In addition, you will receive an email notification when the target sell price has been reached for a sell signal.

Track Custom Coins

Want us to do research on some coins you are interested in? Sure, just submit a request and we will put it on our watch list!

Testimonials & Reviews from our Members

  • Useful

    Simple UI! Site is pretty useful! Get quick crypto market signals! Great platform for sharing of crypto knowledge! Streamlined access to top notch references!

    George Brown

  • Definitely Worth to Subscribe

    Even though btc market recently fell, this site continue sending valuable suggestions. Their analytics team rocks and I recently became your yearly subscriber. I continue buying BTC, ZEN, and other coins (ignoring it's instability and buying/selling on weekly basis) as per webs suggestions and the profits grow significantly. With the web's help I made a discovery, that sometimes you can make even higher profits when the market is not that stable.

    Evan Steinman

  • Nice and positive site

    As a cryptocurrency promoter, I can say that most of coins that the site works with have positive performance. I am monitoring this site for quite some time and it has done successful predictions by a long shot. 95% accuracy - is pretty impressive. What immediately stands out is that despite the fact that overall the cryptocurrency market remains in a volatile phase with less predictable price patterns, this site provides accurate and most of the time, error-free signals.

    Jack Taylor

  • Best

    Best available platform to get honest and genuine signals about cryptocurrencies! UI is flawless and very friendly costumer service! 100% functional! Easy to use and sign up! Nice implementation for very useful asset!

    Wilson Lopez

  • Great Deal

    Great idea for those who would like to invest in BTC or any other new coins. If you would like to know more about it and invest in coins or btcs then this thing is 4 u. Always keeps its promises, sends tips and analyzes crypto market pretty well.

    Jose Rodriguez

  • Trustworthy

    Thank you pals for sharing with us your strong signals. After being your subscriber for 1 month I am very happy with your signals and am subscribing to 12 months period now. Completely trust you guys.

    Frankie Scaloni

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