Automated Crypto Trading Platform

Trade automatically, 24/7, based on trading rules you set! Algocointrader is a powerful crypto trading bot that trades for you, does risk management for you, and profits for you. Crypto never sleeps, so now let our bots make profits while you sleep!

Let the professionals handle your cryptocurrency portfolio

Investing and trading cryptocurrency is very time consuming . It requires intense research on the coins, technical analysis and constant monitoring to re-balance your positions. Our traders and analysts do this the whole day. That is their Job!

Let our sophisticated AI algorithms send you alerts for

New coins to add to your portfolio

When to increase positions in existing coins

When to take profits off of existing positions

And if you don't have time to manage it on your own, you can put it on auto -pilot and have our software do it all automatically for you by connecting to your exchange accounts!

How it works?

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Once you are sign up, the only actions needed on your part, is to setup your exchange API keys, determine the trading rules, and that's it!

How our algorithms work

Keep Your Funds

We never ask you to send us your funds, you can keep your trading account on the exchange. No Risk!

No Risk!

Fast Order Execution

Fast Order Execution

We connect directly to the exchange's API which insures fast and reliable trade executions.

Maintain Control Of Your Funds

We never ask you to send us any bitcoin or fiat currency. All transactions are done on the exchanges. You are in control of your account.

24/7 Customer Support

Being there for you at every step of the way is our number one priority. We are always here via email and live chat.